Another day, another interesting place that drug smugglers find to hide their wares. On Monday we learned about cocaine-soaked scuba diving diplomas and today we learn about Emilce Cardona, who the U.S. Customs and Border Protection says got into a "hairy" situation when she allegedly tried to smuggle heroin into JFK from Colombia. Her method of choice? Hair treatment products. Not as amusing as clams, but still!

According to CBP on July 25, agents noticed that Cardona was bringing a whole lot of hair treatment products with her back from Bogotá. And upon further inspection of the 38 packages they noticed that "when probed" it "produced a brown pasty substance that tested positive for heroin." Cardona was promptly arrested for the importation of narcotics and was turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.

According to the CBP the total weight of her shipment—hair treatment as well as heroin—was approximately 8.05 lbs. She now faces federal narcotics smuggling charges. And we're left wondering: what can't you smuggle drugs in?