A Long Island woman pleaded guilty today to faking cancer so she could get money to buy heroin. At this point it's hard to summon the same level of outrage, since everyone and their mother and their bodega cat seems to be faking cancer these days. Over it.

22-year-old Medford resident Brittany Ozarowski was arrested in April after family members, friends and people she met on Facebook and through her website, complained she'd been duping them out of cash, asking for money to help fund radiation treatments and chemotherapy; prosecutors say her grandmother even handed her $100,000 after selling her home.

Ozarowski reportedly claimed she had stage two ovarian cancer and stomach cancer; but really, prosecutors say, she was just a heroin addict. "The truth is, she is a 21-year-old drug addict with four open narcotics cases, and we have strong evidence she forged doctors' notes to avoid court appearances," Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said in court yesterday.

She pleaded guilty to 24 charges, including grand larceny and forgery, affording her a plea deal that'll probably give her a sentence of just two years in rehab and one year of community service. Her attorney told the court yesterday that she is no longer using heroin. As for the rest of us, well, those CaringBridge pages are starting to look mighty suspicious.