Gripe all you want about hidden fees and the rage-inspiring "music" you hear when on hold (and we will!) but a Verizon worker who saved a Brooklyn man from a basement blaze earns the company some kudos. Verizon employee Steven Baudille saw smoke pouring out of a Midwood building and stopped his van to help. After helping two cops kick in a window, he pulled the man to safety. "I reached in and saw an arm. The guy grabbed my arm and we dragged him out," Baudille told the Daily News.

The victim, Offir Shachar, was badly burned and nearly unconscious. He had hired someone to help fix his boiler, and in the process of repairing it, a chemical was spilled, setting the basement aflame. "If it wasn't for the two cops on the scene and this Verizon guy, this guy would have been dead," an exterminator who was working next door to Shachar's home said. "The guy was almost dead from smoke inhalation."

Schachar and the handyman were treated at local hospitals, and another firefighter as well as another man were treated at the scene for injuries.