Probationary Sanitation worker Curtis Jackson was just looking to use the bathroom when he went into a Flatiron District 7-Eleven early on Tuesday morning, but before he could get the key, he thwarted a robbery, sneaking up on a man pointing what he thought was a gun at the cashier and wrestling him to the ground. The 44-year-old Bushwick resident and former Marine and FDNY emergency medical technician was headed to Midtown around 6:25 am when he and his partner stopped into the store, according to a New York Times report.

Here ABC7 walks us through what happened next:

The news channel indulged Jackson's fuck-it-I've-got-a-megaphone approach even further in the written version of the story, which ends, "And since everything turned out well in the end, Jackson is hoping his good luck will continue with a full-time Sanitation Department position, and maybe a wife and kids too!"

Your move, ladies (and Sanitation management). Jackson's feat of bravery got the attention of several media outlets, but questions remain.

  • In the surveillance video, the would-be robber looks like he's walking away from the counter as Jackson grabs him. Was he giving up on his doomed gambit?
  • Do Sanitation workers get special treatment when it comes to using the bathroom in retail stores?
  • Is Curtis more of a long walks on the beach guy, or a dinner and a rom-com type of dude?

And on a more serious note, the Times writes that in video of Jackson holding down the suspect, Jackson tells him, "You're going to get all the help you need in prison." If the guy's arrest record and recent history are any indication, that may not be true.