The USPS may be in trouble financially but that doesn't mean that there aren't some really awesome mailmen and women out there being great and keeping an eye out. For example: Say hello to Mario Serrano who actually saved the life of a woman on his beat this weekend!

On Thursday 87-year-old Madeline Wittman of Long Island fell down in her bathroom and found herself unable to get up or reach a phone to call for help. And there she remained for days, until Saturday when Serrano came by to drop off her mail and noticed that nobody had checked the mail for a few days, which seemed a little odd.

"Something told me to go back 'cause there was two days worth of mail in there," Serrano told ABC, "I heard running water coming through the window, and I heard some moaning. I thought somebody was singing in the shower actually, but then I realized she was actually saying 'help me, help me!' I pushed open the window to let her know I was there and called 911."

Help soon arrived and took Wittman to a Mineola hospital, where she was treated with hip injuries and released. Serrano is now up for the Postmaster General's Hero Recognition award, the highest honor the Postal Service bestows on employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. But he's not taking all the credit: Wittman's "the one who had the will to live," he says. "She's the hero."

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