Last week we got momentarily excited by the sound of what seemed to be a new subway door chime. (Hey, whatever keeps us off the streets.) But it turned out those dulcet notes were, unfortunately, just the result of a malfunctioning door. Inside the MTA's subway trains, the tyranny of Leonard Bernstein's "Somewhere" remains unbroken. Listen closely on certain subway platforms, however, and you may notice a hot new sound. No, not the sound of someone opening the fridge and grabbing a beer—the sound of safety.

amNY reports that last month the MTA introduced a "short three-note pattern that sounds more Disney World monorail than Penn Station. Sounding like a xylophone, the notes — G, C, and E to be exact — reverberate in the caverns below Gotham right before a safety announcement is made." The aural alert is being installed at 146 subway platforms, and so far it's in place along the 1 and 6 lines. Listen up:

MTAring by amNewYork

"We wanted to do something that would alert customers to a forthcoming message that was relatively important," says MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz. "We wanted to use something that would grab the customer’s attention, while at the same time still being pleasant sounding.” For fun, amNY asked some commuters to review the new sound. While waiting for the 1 train, Edwards Graham told the paper, "I’m always listening to my iPad, so I probably wouldn’t ever hear it." That's okay, Ed, we're sure a fellow straphanger will relieve you of your iPad soon enough.