Summer heat just can't quit us. The numbers are in and with an average temperature of 79 degrees, last month was the third hottest August on record. In addition, this past summer was the eleventh warmest ever observed. The summer heat wasn't enough to balance out the winter cold, as the first eight months of 2015 are in a five-way tie for the 60th warmest January-August period since 1869.

A sea breeze has developed this morning and that may prevent us from reaching 90 degrees again this afternoon. For once the Weather Channel has the coolest forecast, saying we'll only hit 87, but it's already that warm at noon. There shouldn't be a problem getting into the low 90s tomorrow, but a back door cold front arriving late Thursday may produce some thunderstorms in the evening and will definitely bring cooler weather by Friday. The week should end with a high in the lower 80s.

Warming begins anew over the Labor Day weekend. We should hit the low 80s on Saturday, the high 80s on Sunday, and really close to 90 again on Monday, Tuesday, and maybe even Wednesday. However, looking at the forecast models it does appear that the upper-level ridge responsible for the recent warm spell finally breaks down late next week.