Rents are going nowhere but up and wages aren't really going anywhere at all, so obviously this is as good a time as ever to play the housing lottery. Yes, even though I've argued many times that they should really call it the jack squattery since that's all I've ever won from it, I'd recommend you try to snag one of affordable apartments now available at 555Ten at Hudson Yards.

The city's latest batch of affordable apartments come in two flavors of income bands. For people making 40% of the city's Area Median Income, there are 60 apartments ranging from $613/month to $875/month. To qualify, household incomes will have to come in somewhere between $22,903 and $44,280, depending on the size of your household.

There are also a handful of affordable apartments available for people making 120 percent of AMI, or households making $68,709 and $132,840. Those 30 apartments range from $1,949/month to $2,875/month.

Aside from the income requirements, five percent of the units in the building are set aside for people with mobility disabilities and two percent for people with visual disabilities. Residents of Manhattan's Community Board 4 are getting preference for fifty percent of the units, and municipal employees get preference for five percent of the units.

In addition to living near New York's largest bedbug exoskeleton/possible portal to Hell, you'll also have access to the building's 24-hour gym, an indoor and a rooftop pool, a game room and dog care services, among other amenities. You'll have to pay for those though, since you'll have committed the crime of getting an apartment tied to your income (let's just ignore that your new landlords also got a handout).

The deadline to apply is October 23rd. As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.