On our way into the office this morning we found this ravenous little guy running around in the street and eating drywall that was crumbled up on the curb. So we fashioned a leash with a T-shirt and brought him inside. But what then? Following the advice of Patrick Kwan at the Humane Society of the U.S., we took the pup to get scanned at the local vet, to find out if he had a microchip. Lo and behold, he does!

His name is Boots and his owner had recently reported him missing. They're being reunited today. Bye-bye, Boots! This happy ending could be yours for a very low cost; Kwan tells us you can get your animals microchipped for just $25 at Prospect Park in Brooklyn next next Saturday Aug 14th, and at Coney Island on Tuesday Aug 24th, at the Brooklyn Cyclones "Bark in the Park Day."

Kwan tells us, "Microchips provide an extra level of protection in case your pet loses his collar and tags and can help ensure a happy reunion if the unthinkable happens and your companion gets lost. For lost pets whose owners are not found, the best case scenario is that they will get adopted into a loving home, the worst is that they can be euthanized at a shelter." Here’s a general Q&A on microchips. And if you find a lost pet without a microchip, here are some animal rescue shelters you should try: Animal Haven Soho, Dog Habitat Inc., and Barc.