This weekend, we learned that the developer of the "Ground Zero Mosque" site, the long-in-the-works Muslim community center and prayer space that would have been located blocks from the World Trade Center, had bowed under public pressure and instead will turn the site into a luxury condo.. Above on the left, you can see the first rendering of the new site; on the right, you can see the old rendering for what would have been the mosque.

According to a press release, the new condo tower at 45 Park Place will be designed by SOMA Architects under the direction of designer Michael Abboud. It will "soar 665 feet high to take its place in the skyscape of Lower Manhattan." Instead of a 15-story community center, as it was once slated to be, it will now include "at least 15 full-floor units of 3,200 to 3,700 square feet (297 to 344 square meters), and average prices higher than $3,000 a square foot." As the press release puts it:

Located at the crossroads of Tribeca and the vibrant new Downtown, the condominium offers panoramic views from all tower exposures. Construction of 45 Park Place will begin this year, with delivery for occupancy in 2017.

Developer Sharif El-Gamal has acquired three plots on Park Place adjacent to the initial site, and still plans to install a smaller three-story museum adjacent to the tower, to be designed by architect Jean Nouvel (he designed this luxury condo building). It will be connected to the skyscraper via a public plaza.

Regardless of whether the prospect of a new "market-maker" luxury tower in Tribeca gets your nipples hard, you can rest assured that the failure of the "Ground Zero Mosque" is a hard-earned victory for Real America. Vehement Islamaphobic hatemonger Pamela Geller was, obviously, delighted by the news, crowing: "The Ground Zero Mosque project was a middle finger to the American people...The infamous Ground Zero Mosque project is officially dead. We won. We the People," she wrote in a piece on Brietbart. "Despite all this opposition and much more, the people stood up and fought against the Ground Zero Mosque, and won. An army of Davids."