You've probably read quite a bit already about Billionaire's Row, the set of seven sky-high luxury apartment buildings that will take root in midtown Manhattan over the next decade (allegedly without casting a shadow). This is just the (very tall) tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wide number of Manhattan skyscrapers that are in development. It's one thing to read about $130 million apartments—it's another thing to see just what an impact these obelisks will have on the Manhattan skyline.

City Realty made the rendering above, which they say gives us an idea of what the city will look like in 2018 based on projections for buildings currently being planned or already in construction: "New York City skyline circa 2018 2,500 feet above Central Park. Image features upcoming supertall skyscrapers such as One Vanderbilt, 53W53, 432 Park Avenue, 225 West 57th, and 111 West 57th Street are completed."

They have a few more renderings—albeit, the buildings look blockier and more generic the closer you look at them—that offer some different perspectives of the area (NY Yimby generally has better/more accurate renderings, for what it's worth). But the story is the same: the Manhattan skyline is changing more dramatically than it has in decades. Major residential buildings are only headed ever more skyward, which means the jagged skyline of car keys will only get more jagged, until eventually we're all living in hover apartments just below the clouds.