Looking for an apartment in this city is almost like trying to survive in a Saw film—you can try as hard as you want to beat the system, but ultimately you're going to end up with a mold-filled bathroom and only one foot. Even trying to pin down a location is impossible, what with all the Bedwicks and Jefftowns and Rambos infiltrating the real estate lexicon. To mock this, some joker on Reddit crafted a perfect Real Estate Broker Map explaining why your broker took you all the way to Dyker Heights to look at an apartment listed in South Williamsburg.

Obviously this isn't a real broker-mandated map, but it's not as far from the truth as one might think. A quick perusal of available apartments listed on Craigslist shows one $3600/month three-bed advertised in "E. Williamsburg...Off The L. Train Jefferson Stop." Not Williamsburg! Another listing shows a $2400 three-bed in "Prime E.Williamsburg/Bushwick" located right off the L train—at Bushwick-Aberdeen, which is a teensy bit far from that coveted 11211 zip.

Of course, the city's real estate scene is constantly shifting, and brokers have a limited window left to milk everything out of Williamsburg that they can. After all, it's only a matter of time before a Sunnyside listing lands you a garage apartment in Nassau County.