Here's What Broke The F Train Wednesday Morning

Dashed Arrow @NYCT Subway

On Wednesday morning, F train riders faced a very effed up rush hour commute. Those extensive delays, which ensnared other lines including the A, C, and G, were caused by a toxic combination of signal malfunctions and, most treacherously, because an F train's brakes were activated near York Street, trapping passengers inside for almost 30 minutes.

Based on the NYCT's tweets about the situation, some people jumped to the conclusion that an "absolute moron on the F train" had pulled the emergency brake, causing the situation. But late on Wednesday, the MTA revealed that something even more moronic caused it: a seltzer bottle. Damn you Hal's New York Seltzer Water!!

It's troubling that something as seemingly innocuous as a water bottle can bring vital parts of our transit system to its knees, but New Yorkers should be better about being responsible and throwing their own trash out instead of throwing it on the tracks! That doesn't seem unreasonable. I can think of tons of instances in the last week alone when I witnessed people throwing used plastic bags or wrappers either onto the tracks or underneath the seats on trains.

But of course, that means stations need to have unobstructed garbage cans to do so...which some on Twitter pointed out can be hard to find at certain stations.

And others wondered whether this was missing the larger point—namely, that a stray piece of trash can literally bring multiple lines to a standstill.

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