There is a scene in every coming-of-age film in which the protagonist moves to NYC from Nowheresville, Indiana or New Jersey, ready to pursue his or her starry-eyed dreams with nothing but farm-bred pluck and a $50 bill. Then, he or she rents an apartment—a decrepit, vermin-filled hole in some "dangerous" neighborhood like Chinatown, one that would still be wildly out of his or her price range IRL, but certainly sends the cinematic message that life in this town is rough. And hey, for only $550K, you can live like them, and in the West Village, too. Sure, a rental in Bushwick might be cleaner, and there are probably dozens of dead mice and/or humans buried behind that fireplace, but look, a modern stove!

The aforementioned 350-square-foot-ish fixer-upper was listed on StreetEasy two days ago, and is located at 138-140 West 10th Street. That enviable address is just a few blocks from Washington Square Park and comes with roof deck, garden and bike room, which might be enough to make the listed $550,000 price (and $906 monthly maintenance fee) tempting. Then again, you'll have to shell out a whole load of extra cash to transform your living space into something that doesn't resemble the end scene in Saw, unless you need a place to store your bodies and jars of pee, in which case, snap that baby up before it's gone! Kitchen showers are all the rage now, anyway.

Oh God, never mind, it's a co-op. Ugh. [h/t @polly]