While we're beginning to suspect that the city's ever-delayed bike share program is little more than an elaborate hoax, the DOT has released a revised map showing where exactly the 420 293 stations will be located when the program does finally launch in May. (Fingers crossed.)

The roll-out will initially include Manhattan south of Central Park and a portion of Brooklyn bounded by Atlantic Avenue to the south (minus an outlier on Dean Street and 5th Avenue), Nostrand Avenue, and the East River. The second phase, denoted by gray dots, will include Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bed-Stuy east of Nostrand Avenue, as well as two Manhattan stations at Pier 42 and 5th Avenue at 63rd Street.

The program suffered its first setback last July thanks to some embarrassing computer glitches, and another in October after Hurricane Sandy tried to drown the poor things like a sack of unwanted puppies. We plan to regard the whole affair with a healthy sense of skepticism until we see it in action, preferably in the form of a family of tourists teetering fearfully down Madison Avenue. This photo of the alleged "stations" under the Williamsburg Bridge? Probably just Storm Trooper larvae.