Yesterday, Suffolk County authorities announced that 21-year-old David Smith was arrested for pointing a laser at a plane. And he didn't stop there—when a police helicopter flew above to find the offender, the suspect turned continued his illegal activity: Suffolk County police inspector Stewart Cameron said, "We sent one of our helicopters to investigate and it was also lased." Don't lase me, bro!

The plane, a Pilatus PC-12 turboprop plane, had been heading to Republic Airport in Farmingdale. The Post reports that the pilot had a red laser aimed at him, but Newsday reports, "Suffolk Police Helicopter 4, piloted by officers Frank Lombardi and David Williams, was also targeted by the green laser when they approached the same airspace," leaving the possibility that the suspect had a Crayola box of laser. Anyway, the police were able to determine the lasers appeared to be coming from 28 King Arthurs Court in St. James. Smith was arrested an hour after the FAA contacted the Suffolk County police.

Smith has been charged with governmental obstruction; the Port Authority was also given the case. Cameron said, "Some people may think this is a harmless prank, but if the pilot is blinded, it could result in an aircraft accident."