Disgraced former luv-gov Eliot Spitzer is back in the news today, having taken charge of the family real estate business and revealed plans for a huge luxury residential development in Williamsburg at 420-444 Kent. The $700 million, three tower, 865-unit complex on the East River will be located just a few blocks south from the ambitious Domino Sugar Factory development.

The lot, which reportedly sold for $165,000,000 last winter, was once home to the Kedem Winery.

Today, the plans, which include two rooftop pools, an esplanade, and a public park, were revealed. The designs are by ODA Architecture, which has described the project as a “molded iceberg."

Said icebergs will benefit from the highly-contested 421-a tax abatement, and will be 20% affordable. According to the NY Times, Spitzer was mindful of de Blasio's efforts to boost affordability requirements to 30%, and "wanted to get his project moving before the current regulations changed or expired this month." He needn't have worried.

Spitzer has chosen Apartments and Lofts, Bushwick's favorite colonizers, to help market the development. Apartments and Lofts rep David Maundrell told the Times, “Eliot is very in touch with what people want. He’s done his research. We really want to make this authentic Brooklyn, not an extension of Manhattan."

If you think Williamsburg is crazy now, just wait until Spitzer's icebergs, the Domino site, and all the other residential towers currently under construction finally open. "Can Williamsburg absorb 4,000 units?” Spitzer asked. “I don’t think there’s any question the answer is yes." Yes, Williamsburg appears to be extremely absorbent. It may need some more trash compactors though.