Earlier this month, we were rocked by the tragic plight of the Very Rich residents of 10 Gracie Square, whose luxury building is located a full 0.8 miles from the nearest subway station—the farthest distance of any address in Manhattan. But the Big Island isn't the only borough in the city, despite what Dairy Queen execs may believe, and it appears Brooklyn boasts an address that is 2.2 miles from the subway. For some reason that address doesn't come with an $18.9 million price tag yet, but give it time!

I Quant NY once again crunched the numbers and found that 2336 National Drive, located all the way in Mill Basin, is located the farthest from a subway entrance in Brooklyn. Unlike the multimillion dollar available apartments in 10 Gracie Square, that address is currently occupied, though it sold for a cool $860,000 in 2012 before the Brooklyn Brand started affixing itself to artisanal marshmallow skewers.

It's noteworthy that most of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn's southern tip are located far from subway stations—I Quant NY found that the centers of Marine Park, Sea Gate, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, and Mill Island are the least close to a subway station of all the borough's 'hoods. Oddly, the Brooklyn neighborhood whose center is closest to a subway entrance is Greenpoint, but that entrance leads to the G train, which is kind of like not having a subway at all.

I Quant NY will presumably dig into the Bronx and Queens next, the latter of which is bound to have some super distant addresses. None of these locations can quite hold a candle to Staten Island, though, since an entire body of water separates that borough from a subway entrance. (Nope, the Staten Island "Railway" is not a subway.) At least it's a pretty ride to the nearest turnstile.