After it was announced that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on April 14th, everyone's next question was, "How can I score a ticket?" We've received a dozens desperate emails or IRL queries from potential voters wondering how they can get in. But the sad truth is that the debate is pretty restricted... sort of.

The debate is invite-only, with each campaign receiving a certain number of tickets, and we imagine they will be given to donors and campaign surrogates. However, there's a sidedoor approach.

We called the NY State Democratic Committee today, and a woman who answered told us that she could take down our name, phone number and email, and that they would eventually contact the lucky few that would get tickets. So give (212) 725-8825 a ring and see what they tell you.

We'll keep you posted about debate watching parties. And, of course, you can watch it on CNN at 9 p.m. EST.