"Making it" in New York City increasingly means being rich enough to live inside the handle of a Mach 3. YIMBY has obtained the new rendering for DoBro's luxury residential skyscraper, and at 1,000 feet, it will be the tallest building in the borough. Finally, Brooklyn's Settled™.

JDS Development tapped SHoP for the new design of 340 Flatbush Avenue Extension, the same firm behind the developer's Solitaire Win luxury tower at 111 West 57th Street (and also the new Domino Sugar Factory).


SHoP’s tower will be a dramatic improvement for both the cityscape and the skyline. With slender proportions capped in pointed, Deco-tinged accents, the building will have a notable presence without overwhelming its surrounds, like the wedding cake-inspired architecture that dominated in the era of pre-1961 zoning.

Nope, nothing overwhelming about 90 floors (550 units) of luxury housing.

The building is set to open during the first quarter of 2019, smack dab in the middle of Bloomberg's 4th term. Real estate agents: start texting "Deco-tinged accents" now so autocorrect gets the hang of it by 2016.