Okay, now that we've had a couple of days off it's time for another heat wave. The weather today is going to feel mighty oppressive with highs across the city in the mid 90s and dew points in the lower 70s. Good thing cooling stations are open across the city. There's a slight chance of showers this evening as a weak cold front makes its way toward the city.

Mid-summer cold fronts aren't really that cold and tonight's is no exception. The air mass behind the approaching front is just a few degrees cooler than the current air mass over the city. However! Because that air mass is also slightly drier than today's soup, there will be fewer clouds and therefore more heating tomorrow. Look for a high around 96. Repeat those conditions on Sunday and we've got a hot weekend in store.

More heat is expected on Monday and the humidity will be on the upswing. The thermometer should top out in the low 90s on Monday and maybe again on Tuesday. Sometime in that time frame there will be a chance of showers as yet another weak cold front arrives.