The map is here! The map is here! Besides the pricing, the part of the city's wildly ambitious new bike share program, now called CitiBike, that we've been most eager to see was the all important map of where the city was planning on putting those 600-odd racks where you can pick up and drop off the program's thousands of bikes. And now a draft of it is here. And, on first glance, it is pretty fabulous.

First off, you are going to want to go and explore the map yourself, we'll wait (click on a bike icon to find out where exactly the racks will be and how many bikes they will hold). And before you freak out, note that it is not done yet. Still to get mapped are Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights and Crown Heights (Brooklyn community districts 6, 8 and 9) and the Upper West and East Sides (Manhattan districts 7 and 8). But the DOT says those locations are coming soon—and that they are open to refining the currently selected locations when possible. But still: All those blue dots! Bike share initially was just going to be in North Brooklyn and Manhattan, so we were definitely pleased to see some initial racks in LIC (if the program does well it is expected to grow to all five boroughs). But our biggest response to this guy is 'jeez, they really are going to be putting these things EVERYWHERE.'

We still stand by our qualms about the program for slightly longer rides, but we have to admit that, for a certain subset of New Yorkers who live and work where these racks are going to be located, this thing is going to be freaking sweet. Suddenly you'll be able to take the subway to work on a rainy morning and then ride back home on a CitiBike after the skies clear. Just remember to keep a spare helmet at the office! The bike share program is about sharing bikes, not lice. So there will not be any helmets waiting for you on those racks.