If you named your newborn Emma or Liam last year in New York City, the health department has news: Your baby has won their first popularity contest.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on Tuesday released a list of the most popular names in 2021, based on birth certificates filed citywide. In first place were 434 Emmas and 703 Liams born. A department spokesperson said parents have 12 months to change a child's name, and officials also needed the year to end, along with some additional time, to analyze data and complete the list.

This was not the first time either name had been at the top of the leaderboard. Emma has been the number-one choice for girl newborns since 2017. Liam’s winning streak goes back to 2016.

Sarah, Chloe and Alexander are no longer among the city’s top baby names by gender, making room for new entrants Luna and Sofia among female newborns and Benjamin among young boys. A variation of Sofia, Sophia, is also on the list.

There were fewer babies born in the five boroughs last year than in 2020, according to the health department. Just over 100,000 children were born in the first year of the pandemic, compared to 99,262 last year — a decline of less than a percentage point.

Still, the city is seeing a steeper decline in the number of births when compared to before the pandemic. There were roughly 10 percent fewer babies in 2021 compared to 2019, when more than 110,000 babies were born in the five boroughs.