Let us look back into the past, for a moment—skipping over 2013 and straight back into 2012. Do you remember 2012? It doesn't matter—it's the most recent year for which the city's Department of Health has collected its list of popular baby names.

The highest ranked name for boys born in 2012 was Jayden, while Sophia topped the list for girls. If you've been following your Baby Name Trend Watch with the attention you should have, you'll recall that this isn't new: Jayden has been the biggest name for boys for the past four years, and though Sophia unseated Isabella from the top spot in 2011, it's also been a mainstay on the NYC Baby Naming Circuit for years now.

As always, biblical names figured prominently into the list: For girls we've got Leah (#9), Sarah (#8), Rachel (#17), Ester (#20), Miriam (#34), and Chana (#38). For boys, there's an abundance of Jacob (#3), Daniel (#4), Matthew (#5), Muhammed (#7) Joseph (#11), Noah (#14), Joshua (#17), Elijah (#37), and Isaac (#40).

Less lofty is the parade of oddly-timed celebrity baby names, which include Angelina (#47), Scarlett (#58), Leonardo (#87), Ashton (#136), and Denzel (#156). With the exception of Denzel, whose fame, so far, has proved timeless, the rest of the names to make the cut are far from topical. To little Scarlett and Leonardo: Enjoy a lifetime of having your name terribly, terribly misspelled by everyone from teachers to Starbucks baristas. And Ashton— Really? To future parents: You might think that emblazoning your child's birth certificate with "Miley" or "Twerk Machine" is a fun idea now, but it's important to remember that naming your child is not the same as selecting a Halloween costume, and even harder to remove.

Anyway, here's the list of most popular boys' names by race:


And here's the list of most popular girls' names:


Come on NYC—let's mix it up a little more next year, OK?