Brooklyn Bridge Park has transformed from a quiet picnic spot into an overdeveloped recreational megapark in the past year or two. Prior to this, the park's allure was simple: humble patches of grass with sweeping, iconic views. Now there's a roller skating rink, soccer fields, basketball courts, bocce, a beach, a pool, a grilling area, and more on the way. A massive, view-blocking condo-hotel hybrid is currently being built at Pier 1, a development made possible because the park is both public and private. As the NY Times recently explained, Brooklyn Bridge Park was created with "an agreement between the state and the city that requires that the park be funded by private development."

Keep that, and our need for more affordable housing, in mind as you ponder the controversial proposal that could bring residential towers to Pier 6. A group of locals have been fighting this for a while now, but plans keep inching forward, and this morning saw the release of 14 design proposals under consideration. From the Mayor's Office:

"These are proposals to develop housing alongside Brooklyn Bridge Park near Pier 6 that will generate vital funding to maintain the park in perpetuity. They were submitted to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, which will make a selection in the fall. Consistent with the de Blasio Administration’s goals of maximizing affordable housing, 30% of the housing in the projects will be affordable to working families, with preference given to people from the nearby community, many of whom are being priced out of this corner of Brooklyn."

While the proposals needed to include amenities on the ground floor for the park, like public rest rooms, some even include public indoor swimming pools, Pre-K centers, and a pedestrian bridge over the BQE. As for how imposing this will all be, the RFP requirements were for one 290-unit building no taller than 315 feet, and one 140-unit building no higher than 155 feet—you can see each team's full proposal here.