Yesterday afternoon, a man stabbed three people in the Herald Square area, until being shot by a police officer. Police have no motives for the actions of José Rodriguez de Jesus, whose rampage in Horace Greeley Park at 6th Avenue and 32nd Street (across from the Manhattan Mall) interrupted people sitting and chatting. A man selling newspapers told the Times, "He seemed to be chasing all the people in the park." De Jesus stabbed a 21 year old Uzbekistani immigrant (who had been sitting and chatting with another person), Dimitri Malayaev, three times, then attacked someone trying to help Malayaev, 34 year-old George Robbins. Then Harold Getter, a security guard stationed nearby, came over to stop, de Jesus stabbed him. Finally, police asked de Jesus to drop his knife, but de Jesus instead lunged at them, causing Officer Mary Beth Diaz, a rookie, to shoot him.

The Post liked pointing out that Getter had a copy of the Post in his protective vest, which broke off the knife's handle; in the Post's words, Getter used "a copy of the New York Post to help save his own life." Malayaev had managed to crawl away from the Park, across the street to a Duane Reade, where others helped him. Malayaev and de Jesus are both in serious condition.

Check out News footage from WNBC and who is Horace Greeley? The founder of the New York Tribune.