hepcplush.jpgThe doctor we wrote about Friday, who was connected to three separate cases of patients infected with hepatitis C, apparently has a less-than-stellar reputation. Dr. Brian Goldweber had his medical license suspended for three years in 1999 after he "botched" anesthesia in several patients and altered records in one case, according to the New York Post. The Dept. of Health has contacted approximately 4,500 patients of Goldweber to recommend they get tested for infectious diseases. One of the patients who received the letter commented after our earlier piece and said that the letter was "super vague."

Goldweber was administering anesthesia to patients at ten outpatient clinics around the city. One man is suing the doctor and the gastroenterologist who hired him, after nearly dying from a hepatitis C infection not long after he underwent an endoscopy. The Post reports that the Board of Medical Examiners in New Mexico previously denied Godlweber a license to practice for "fraud in his application". He's previously been fined for applying to work at an upstate NY hospital while still under suspension for previous ethical and practical breaches.