The city was able to clear two lanes of the Henry Hudson Parkway last night, which was strewn with dirt and debris after Thursday's retaining wall collapse that closed the immediate area, and the first car drove by at 10:18PM. Over 25,000 cubic yards of dirt and rubbles from the area were removed by city construction crews around the clock. However, what caused the accident (probably water), what could have been done to prevent the accident, and who will pay for the accident is still up in the air. So far, it seems like the development's board is saying that the board trusted the engineering firms hired to monitor the wall to make the right decisions; the engineering firm hasn't had any comment on the situation so far. In the meantime, the city construced huge concrete barriers between the remnants of the retaining wall and the road, and even though the roadways are open, the Mayor is cautioning commuters to add some extra time to their journeys just in case.

Riverside Drive between West 181th and 183rd Streets will remain closed for many weeks. Gothamist went up there this weekend to survey the rubble removal: There were tons of police cars and fire trucks, not to mention huge construction equipment in the area. And the while a lot of dirt was removed, there were still a lot of rocks left. Residents were partly annoyed, partly amused, and just relieved that nothing much more severe had happened.