Gothamist's editorial team is expanding, and we're looking for a full time writer who can handle a mix of blogging and reporting on weekends and several weekdays. The ideal candidate is a talented blogger who has some experience with reporting. What's reporting? What's blogging? What's Gothamist? Let's discuss.

Gothamist is an independently-owned website about New York City and "everything that happens in it." It was informally launched in 2003 and steadily grew into the flagship website for a network of local blogs in cities such as San Francisco, LA, Chicago, and D.C.

Over time, the publication has grown into a unique hybrid of engaging & informative aggregation (blogging) and wholly original stories and essays (reporting). But the two forms are increasingly commingling. Many of our blog posts contain a mix of aggregation and our own reporting to advance the story, while our more substantive reportage is influenced by the Gothamist "voice" that makes our aggregation trenchant and entertaining.

As we've steadily expanded over the past 13 years, we frequently interview candidates who have reporting experience, but are helpless when asked to write an interesting (dare we say fun?) blog post, because they haven't had the experience of synthesizing the news with their own editorial perspective, or they can't adjust to blogging's more casual tone. Conversely, we see bloggers who are too immersed in the drumbeat of aggregation to exploit crucial opportunities to advance a story and provide our readers with precious originality or insight.

We're looking for someone who can do both, with more blogging on the weekends and a mix of blogging and reporting on three weekdays. All candidates should have at least two years' relevant experience.


Details: Must be willing to work Saturdays and Sundays, plus three days during the regular work week. Salary and benefits are competitive. If interested, please email a cover letter and resume in the body of the email (no attachments, please!) to, with the subject "Gothamist reporter" or "Gothamist blogger."

Gothamist LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.