2008_11_mango.jpgSteve Tarpin, who runs Steve's Key Lime Pies in Brooklyn, has been looking for his missing dog since Saturday. Mango, a Jack Russell terrier, was last seen outside Jake's BBQ and the B-61 Bar, at the corner of Degraw and Columbia Streets in Red Hook, where he often sat, greeting other dogs and customers--more details here. Tarpin tells the Post, "Absolutely someone took him. He would never walk away with anyone. Even if they were dragging a T-bone behind them he wouldn't go." He adds on his website, "If indeed some nefarious naerdowell did scoop him off, I am asking the good people of Brooklyn to assist in returning Mango to his rightful home and his rightful routine with our family and friends, including his 32 children, his partner Mammey and us."