2006_9_health_helmet.gifIn an effort to stem the recent increase in bicycle-related injuries around New York, city officials have launched a new campaign to improve bike safety in town. Some new innovations include creating 240 miles of dedicated color-coded bike lanes and handing out free helmets (97% of the 225 people killed on bikes over the past decade were not wearing one). Over 3,000 riders were injured during the same time period. So here's what you do:

1. Get yourself a free helmet.
2. Look cool, cruise.
3. Increase likelihood of being hit by a car.

Bits and Bytes

2006_9_health_stingray.jpg+ Lifting weights can help you lose weight, vision!

+ Indians show us Americans that they can get fat too, even though they're starving.

+ The ghost of Steve Irwin asks that all junior croc hunters NOT avenge his death.

+ Looks like green tea's still good for you, this week.

+ While you waste your life, astronauts miles above you are spacewalking and doing some other stuff.