Hell's Kitchen residents say they can't hear what you're saying at all, thanks to the all-encompassing noise from the exhaust vents of a new Mercedes-Benz dealership that's slowly driving them insane (and deaf).

“It’s an overwhelming sound. It sounds like a vacuum cleaner in a wind tunnel," said one resident of a building at 10th Avenue and West 53rd Street, around the corner from the $30 million flagship store. Another neighbor kicked the comparison up a notch, saying “It’s like having a fighter-jet engine across the street." Yet another described the noise as a "roar," claiming he wraps his head in pillows to sleep and gets chronic headaches due to the vents. One woman complained that she can't open her windows and has to take phone calls in the bathroom to hear anything. It's worse than living near the noisy, bacon-y IHOP in the East Village!

Anyhow, it turns out the neighbors aren't totally making this stuff up—the city did indeed find that the dealership's noise exceeds legal decibel limits. "We have a citation that states that," said the store's manager. But citations be damned, this is Mercedes we're talking about! One measly little ticket isn't going to stop the luxury behemoth from doing business: “Our engineering company has put together an initial study but not a final proposal of what materials and engineering are going to be required. When that’s going to be finalized I can’t tell you," the manager told the Post. So until then, Hell's Kitchen, pop in those earplugs and just be glad you don't have to contend with the noise of a thousand screaming children.