The Hells Angels have waged many a war, with Pagans, Rolling Stones fans, and anti-beard activists alike. But now, they're fighting a greater enemy than any of those: the fashion industry.

The biker gang is suing the Alexander McQueen label, along with Saks Fifth Avenue and, for selling handbags, jewelry and clothing that it says uses its skull-and-wings "Death Head" design. The McQueen label even had the audacity to use their name to sell products such as the "Hells Angels Jacquard Box Dress" and the "Hells Four-finger Ring," which retail for $1,565 and $495. "This isn't just about money, it's about membership. If you've got one of these rings on, a member might get really upset that you're an imposter," said Hells Angels lawyer Fritz Clapp (who the Post notes "sports a red mohawk").

Because if there's one thing besides Harley-Davidsons that the Hells Angels appreciate and value, it's brand recognition. In the suit, they say that the Hells Angels name and Death Head symbol "evoke strong and immediate reactions whenever used...and as a result they have great commercial value." But seeing as this is the Hells Angels, they not only seek monetary compensation, but also the "supervised destruction" of the offending merchandise. As their primary motto goes: "When we do right, nobody remembers. When our brand gets co-opted by corporations looking to play off of our rich, violent history without any of the danger inherent in the actual lifestyle of being a tattooed, bearded member of a motorcycle gang who regularly participates in illegal activities, nobody forgets."