The Transportation Bond Act, which will direct $2.9 billion of state money to various projects including MTA ones, passed yesterday by a slight/fair margin (depending on which paper you read), 55% to 45%. The proposition was on ballots statewide, and the bulk of the money will help NYC transportation projects: Half the money will go to the MTA, towards the Second Avene Subway and linking Grand Central to Penn Station for LIRR service, while other portions are earmarked to upgrade roads in the NYC area (the Van Wyck, the FDR, the West Shore Expressway). Some groups were opposed to the act, because it would mire the already-terrible NY State budget in even more debt, but that's just paying it forward, as in our grandkids will have to pay for our present transportation desires. MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow said, "The voters want the best transit system in the world, and they are willing to do whatever needs to be done to make it happen. Now it's up to us complete the job." Mmm, odds are it takes the MTA 50% longer to finish anything, even with the money. So, East Side, get ready to rumble with construction!

As for other ballot measures, the bid to reform the state budget process was rejected, with city measures for establishing codes of conduct for judges and extending fiscal mandates were approved.