Okay, we know that tourists often flood New York during the holidays and natives blow town, but what we read in today's Times was just troubling. Lines at crappy theme restaruants, and nobody at the diverse collection of restaurants that make New York great.

Even some famous establishments, ordinarily packed, have had surprising lulls. On Sunday night, for instance, Lisa Magnino and her boyfriend, Jon Coifman, decided to see how long the line was at Grimaldi's pizzeria in Brooklyn. There wasn't one.

"We were like, hmm, it must be closed," said Ms. Magnino, who lives in Carroll Gardens. "But it wasn't, and when we walked in, we were seated right away. There was a couple sitting at a table for four, and they said, 'Can you believe this?' "

What is wrong with you people?!? The crazy tourists have been hitting up places like the ESPNZone, Jekyll and Hyde, and the Times Square Brewery for dinner, but shunning establishments that do plenty of business during the rest of the year. Why come to New York only to go to places that are comforting and "normal"? What gives? Are there so few natives in town that even places like Grimaldi's has no wait?

Are those of you in town finding the emptiness nice, or is there an eerie Vanilla Sky-like quality to it?