A high pressure system has moved over the Atlantic Ocean, causing New York City and surrounding areas to suffer from hot and sticky weather. New York City will be under a heat advisory, starting at noon on Monday, as temperatures will hit up to 98 degrees—but of course, it will feel much hotter because of the humidity:

"It's important to plan ahead, stay safe during this extreme heat," Commissioner of Emergency Management John Scrivani said on Monday. He reminded New Yorkers that 200 cooling centers across the city are open, as are pools, beaches, and parks with water features.

Con Edison said in a press release on Sunday, "The heat, humidity and increased demand for electricity to power air conditioners can cause cables to overheat and lead to outages. The coming days could also bring thunderstorms, which can affect the overhead delivery system and cause outages." (You can report outages here or by calling 1-800-75-CONED/1-800-752-6633).

The utility offered some suggestions for dealing with the heat:

  • Set your air conditioner to the highest comfortable temperature. Every degree you lower the thermostat increases costs;
  • To reduce heat and moisture in your home, run appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers in the early morning or late at night when it’s cooler outside;
  • When the AC is running, close doors to keep cool air in and hot air out;
  • Keep shades, blinds and curtains closed. About 40 percent of unwanted heat comes through windows;
  • Even when using AC, use ceiling and other fans to provide additional cooling and better circulation;
  • Turn off AC units, lights and other appliances when not at home and use a timer to turn on your air conditioner about a half-hour before arriving home;
  • Keep AC filters clean.

And don't forget that welcome subway breeze when underground.

But wait, there's more: tomorrow will be worse.