A JetBlue flight from Las Vegas suffered a double hydraulic failure in the air last night and forced the plane to circle for four hours to burn off all the fuel. "It was four hours of hell," passenger Travis McGhie told the Post. Apparently all the circling made many passengers ill. "The plane turned into a vomitorium," conservative author S.E. Cupp tweeted. "For five hours. And, after all that, I'm still in Vegas." What about a plane turning into an arched egress would make so many people sick?

Eventually the plane landed, and JetBlue refunded everyone's ticket, put them on another flight, and gave them another round-trip flight for free. But perhaps the company's greatest asset was their reassuring flight attendants. “She was smiling," passenger Tom Mizer told CBS of one flight attendant. "She looked at me and said ‘I’m smiling. Do I look scared to you? If I’m not scared you don’t need to be scared.’ That helped, that kind of contact."

Someone get that flight attendant to our executive editor, who has been sitting on the tarmac at JFK for more than four hours.