Hey, remember that Twitter account that was posting snarky take-downs of riders on the N Train? Well, sounds like the author behind the account is getting served a little taste of his own medicine, courtesy of some sleuthy Gothamist commenters. They launched their own investigation and quickly tracked him down:

It is very easy to figure out who this person is. Since he's obviously in love with himself, who do you think the first person he is going to follow/be followed by on Twitter is? His own Twitter account, of course. If you look at this person's followers/people he follows, it's simple to figure out his identity (sort of an idiot after all).

Not to mention that he has an unprotected Facebook account (this person's real Twitter account is his own full name) on which he gleefully boasts about his N train gossip on his wall... and it say's he's from Pennsylvania (wompppp wompppp). Too easy, too easy.

The gentleman in question is one Pete Malachowsky, who in addition to having a passion for subway critique, also seems to enjoy working out, eating Pocky sticks, and wearing fake mustaches. And now, he's got a twitter account dedicated to posting snarky takedowns of him. For instance, "@petemalachowsky How does it feel to #fail at the internet as well as tweeting? The lowliest Gawker commenter can write better snark." BURN!

Maybe he should have messed with the R Train instead!