This weekend rainbows have been spotted in the skies over Brooklyn, shunned from the fire escapes of the West Village and now are being fought over on the corner of The Bronx. These particular rainbows are ones that come in a frozen form known as "helados," sold from carts and better known in their Latino neighborhoods as 'Rembo.' The Times looks into the fierce competition emerging this season as the respect given to some longtime vendors' dibs on certain corners is getting trumped by new vendors who have patiently held out through long waiting lists. They're all fighting, legally or not, to make make ends meet through what's already been a tough stretch of inclement weather, not to mention the recession. While it sounds like a relatively cold war going on in Park Versailles for now, the elements are certainly in place for a Scarface equivalent the Goodfellas-esque ice cream tuck wars taking place in Queens.