Lisa Maria Falcone, the Spanish Harlem girl made good, thanks to marrying a hedge fund billionaire, was used to being in the tabloids for her crazy couture. But now she's made headlines for getting arrested on charges of driving while impaired. Over the weekend Falcone, 48, allegedly crashed her Mercedes Benz SUV into another Mercedes in Southampton.

According to the Post, she had "just left Hampton Classic horse show when she made a sharp turn in her Mercedes SUV from Montauk Highway onto Hayground Road in Bridgehampton and rear ended another Mercedes before smashing into a parked Verizon van. She pleaded with the owner of the Mercedes she hit, Bob Cohen, and Verizon worker Fred Ledermann not to call police, 'saying her husband would pay for everything,' " one witness told the tabloid.

However, the Verizon worker did call 911, and when the police arrived to tow the car, Falcon's hockey player-turned-billionaire husband Philip yelled at them not to tow the car, prompting a police officer to call for backup. And when the police tried to administer a Breathalyzer on the "staggering" Falcone, her husband allegedly screamed, "Don’t take it! Don’t take it!" but then said, "Take it! Take it!" because the cop threatened to arrest her if she didn't.

Falcone, who allegedly smelled of alcohol, "told cops she was speeding to escape someone who was chasing her"—even though there was traffic. A police officer said, "It was a very, very slow-moving accident," with the Southampton Police Department adding, "Upon investigation it was determined that she was under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs."

Two months ago, Philip Falcone was charged by the SEC with "misappropriation of client assets, market manipulation, and betraying clients" (his hedge fund's value has been dropping precipitously). A contractor also placed a $1.2 million lien on the couple's Sagaponack estate.