Looks like we can officially call today Sexual Harassment Saturday. Two former employees of Titan Capital have filed a suit against President Russell Abrams, saying he repeatedly hit on them and called them derogatory names. Danielle Pecile and Cristina Culicea were fired from the company claimed they were called "idiots" by both Abrams and his wife, Sandra, and Pecile claims Abrams made her print topless photos of his wife.

Pecile claims Abrams asked, "You liked them, didn't you?" after she printed a photo of Abrams and his wife in a hot tub. She called it, "creepy and embarrassing." However, Sandra Abrams won't stand for this treatment. She has filed a suit against Pecile and Culicea, claiming the two are refusing to return the topless photos unless the company pays them $2.5 million. In her $1 million suit, she calls the demand "nothing short of blackmail." Pics or it didn't happen?