Puny humans, Mother Nature does not care about your Thanksgiving travel plans! In a fit of bad timing the worst weather this week by far will be Tuesday night and Wednesday, the busiest travel days of the year. A weak cold front passed through the city this morning and we'll be drying out during the day. Despite the increasing sun the temperature is going to hold steady in the lower 50s for much of the day.

There's a strong zonal, west-to-east, flow of air above and that's going to keep things a movin' on the ground. Today's high pressure system will move east of here by tomorrow. That will set the stage for a cold front from the west to join up with a developing coastal storm to bring a fair bit of rain to the region starting tomorrow evening and lasting all day Wednesday. Tuesday's high will again be in the lower 50s. Wednesday will reach the lower 60s, but that's likely to be accompanied by an inch or two of rain in the city, and maybe even a thunderstorm. Travelers heading upstate will have to contend with snow north of the Thruway.

Zonal flow looks like it will continue through next weekend. That means it won't get all that cold behind the storm. Thanksgiving Day here in the city is expected to be sunny and mild with a high around 50. As high pressure system settles in next weekend should be even warmer with highs in the upper 50s to near 60.