The heat is gone but the humidity will be hanging on for a couple more days. Thanks to a low pressure system off the Mid-Atlantic coast there's an onshore breeze today to keep the city in soupy air. Some of that soup will splatter on the city in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms today. Look for a high in the mid 80s.

Any rain today is going to be hit-or-miss. Tomorrow, however, is another story. A cold front approaching from the west will give a much more forceful bump to the humid air mass. That bump will likely kick off numerous showers and thunderstorms. Some rain could be intense as the front wrings moisture out of the air. Saturday's high may only reach the normal of 83 degrees. Do not fret, it will be close to 90 again on Sunday.

It is not clear how quickly the front will pass through town on Saturday night. Sunday could be a real transition day with rain and overcast skies in the morning and clearing in the afternoon. Let's hope so as Manhattanhenge returns on Sunday (if you're a full sun on the grid sort of person). If viewing the half-sun on the street grid sunset is more your taste you'll like Monday as skies should be clear all day.