Councilman-elect Dan Halloran (R-Bayside), a devout heathen, has apologized for comparing the role of animal sacrifice in his faith with Greek Orthodox Easter traditions. After coming under fire yesterday for linking the role of "blood sacrifice" in his religion, Theodism, with Easter lamb roasts, the incoming Councilman said he was sorry if he "inadvertently offended" any Greek Orthodox constituents in his Queens district.

"I think it is vitally important that my constituents know I respect them and their faiths and traditions, as they do mine," Halloran said in a written statement published by the Post. "Accordingly, I apologize to his eminence Archbishop Demetrios and to all those of the Greek Orthodox faith or other faiths that might have taken offense."

Halloran's faith has become an issue when he has compared it with other religions. The former cop and lawyer's apology comes one day after Greek-American Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) condemned Halloran's comparisons between Theodish and Greek Orthodox beliefs. Just before the election, Jewish supporters of his Democratic rival attacked the Republican for comparing the role of animal sacrifice in his pre-Christian religion with Kosher dietary laws.