Photographs outside Broome Street

The NYC Medical Examiner's office says Heath Ledger's autopsy is inconclusive, citing the need to more tests. Spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said, "The autopsy is inconclusive and we have to do further testing which includes toxicology and tissue testing. We expect to have results in about 10 days to two weeks."

Initial reports suggested pills were found scattered around the actor's body, prompting speculation that Ledger could have committed suicide. Ledger's father issued a statement saying that it was an accident and TMZ reported this morning that the pills were not scattered but actually in containers in places like the medicine cabinet (sleeping pills and another anti-anxiety drug were found in the bedroom), adding that the NYPD now believes it was an accidental overdose. The NYPD says that no suicide note was found and that the apartment was very neat when they entered. Additionally, the housekeeper (who found Ledger's body with a masseuse scheduled to see the actor) said she had heard Ledger snoring earlier.

On the Today Show, Matt Lauer made a point of saying that just because there were sleeping pills found doesn't mean Ledger killed himself, it just meant he had trouble sleeping (Lauer even said if one were to look at his own apartment, you'd find sleeping pills).

However, CBS 2 now reports traces of narcotics were found in the apartment:

Sources close to the investigation tell CBS 2's Investigative Reporter Scott Weinberger that along with the prescription drugs that were found in the apartment, police also recovered a $20 bill with narcotic residue on it.

Sources add they also found several drug packets containing an unknown substance. CBS 2 has learned these items were all listed on the official police report from the scene.

To be clear, it's still unknown whether these items belonged to Ledger or whether he even actually ingested them.

Ledger had been known to have some substance abuse problems and was reportedly depressed after breaking up with ex-fiancee Michelle Williams, with whom he had a daughter Matilda . A makeshift memorial has been set up outside the Broome Street apartment building where Ledger was living. Another has been left outside the Brooklyn townhouse he and Williams used to share.

Williams has left Sweden with their daughter, Matilda, (Williams had been filming there) for New York; Williams' mother and friend Busy Phillips have also arrived in NYC to be with Williams. Williams' father mourned the passing of Ledger, noting, "The saddest thing is his daughter whom he just loved dearly." A building super agreed, saying, ""When I did see him he was with his daughter. You could tell he loved the little girl very much."

The ME's office also said that Ledger's body was ready to be released to the family for burial.