Happy Hot Wednesday! Today is the fourth straight 90-degree day, with 2-3 more expected before the heat breaks. We caught a bit of break yesterday when some afternoon mixing, which pulls drier air down to the ground, reduced the humidity, making the high of 94 feel more comfortable than Monday's high of the same temperature. No such luck today as there's a bit more moisture in the air and the mixing layer is expected to be shallower, so we'll probably wind up with a more humid 94 degrees. Places along the coast may get a slight break this afternoon if the sea breeze kicks in.

Weather systems typically move in a west-to-east direction around these parts but the high pressure system bringing this heat is going the juvenile delinquent route and drifting westward as the week goes on. Essentially the high has no parental guidance because the jet stream has retreated way far north. That movement is setting tomorrow up for what might be the hottest day of the week. Look for a disgustingly muggy high in the mid 90s with a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms by late afternoon. Friday could wind up slightly warmer and more humid.

One consequence of the westward drift of the heat is that it will begin to squash what upper-level circulation there is into a more zonal flow, thereby bringing an end to the heat wave. Saturday evening's weather could get interesting as cold front moves through the region, wringing moisture out of the air and sweeping away the heat. Depending on the front's timing we might see one last day above 90 degrees on Saturday. After a round of potentially severe showers and thunderstorms Saturday night we should awaken to a cooler, drier air mass on Sunday.