Remember yesterday when we thought the body-count for last weeks heat wave was at 10-13 people? Yeah, scratch that. Coroners for the City are now upping that number by ten to 20-23 deaths. The three-body spread is due to suspicious looking circumstances which the coroner is looking at extra closely before blaming on the high temperatures (a man in his 30s found under the Gowanus Expressway and a 82-year-old woman and her 47-year-old son found dead in their beds in Brooklyn). Of the ten people added to the heat-waves death toll 2 lived in Brooklyn and 8 lived in Queens, though none of them lived in the areas affected by all the blackouts. Six of the victims were women, four were men, and they ranged in age from 52 to 99 years old.

Though the temperatures in the city on Friday were a manageable 89 degrees, a city medical examiner told the Times that "an entire week of temperatures in at least the high 90’s had probably weakened the victims and brought on their deaths." At least four other heat related deaths have shown up in the region, two in Newark and two further out on Long Island. We really hope this is the last update on these numbers the City has to give.

And just because what would a heat wave story be without a ConEd update: East 29th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues lost power last night around 11 PM. ConEd was planning on "working through the night to restore power." Anybody know if the lights are back on on 29th?

Quartino Sunset by f.trainer via Contribute.