You know the hot weather had run its course when the Times finally discovered that early morning was the coolest part of the day. Next up: Winter cooler than summer. Anyway, not only is the hot weather gone but today will be cooler than normal for the first time since Bastille Day. Look for a high in the low 80s under mostly blue skies. There's an itsy-bitsy chance of a few clouds late in the afternoon, but the are likely to stay north of the city.

Thanks to a cool Canadian air mass tomorrow's weather will be much the same as today. Sunny skies with a high again in the low 80s are expected. The humidity will start to rise late in the day as that air mass moves eastward and the wind swings around to the south. The sun will also be shining in Rhinebeck in case anyone is headed up that way.

Sunday and Monday will remain on the coolish side with a chance of showers or thunderstorms each day. Warm weather looks like it will return by the middle of next week.