hot_accuwx.jpgAll heat all the time! Yes yes yes Gothamist knows it is hot out there so we won't belabor the point other than to say today will be just as miserable as yesterday but tomorrow will be much cooler. You read that right, the heat ends tonight. The transition from steam bath to more reasonable weather may be a bit rocky road as a cold front approaches this afternoon, but we should be much cooler and drier soon.

It is the same old story. Combine heat and humidity with something to disturb the atmosphere and you're likely to get a thunderstorm. Showers and thundershowers are likely this evening and there's a slight risk that we will have a severe thunderstorm. Even though tornadoes aren't likely, last week's twister in Westchester was a reminder that they can happen in our neck of the woods.

Showers may linger on into the morning tomorrow, but later in the day it should be magically cooler and less humid, high in the low-80s. Thursday through the weekend are also looking mighty pleasant. Until this evening try to slow down, drink lots of water and find some A/C.

Heat wave across the country from