Yes, the sun is still smiling down upon us, shooting heat rays from its kind eyes and generally just blasting us with an over-warm shower of affection, knowing (probably) that it's supposed to leave town later on today. It may be hot and sweaty out there now, but soon it could also be very wet—and not just because the heat index leaves you fully drenched in perspiration, yours and others', at all times. According to the National Weather Service, the sun may shortly ship out as storms roll in.

By 2 p.m. today, temps could creep up to 90 degrees, which might feel more like 97 thanks to 56 percent humidity. That already unpalatable level of moisture saturation looks likely to rise as we tilt into storm-time. We're looking at a chance of thunderstorms beginning around 3 p.m., with humidity climbing up to an unfortunate 77 percent by 11 p.m. Due to the deplorably moist nature of today's heat, the Office of Emergency Management has issued an advisory, and recommends you stay inside and hug an air conditioner (any air conditioner will do). At least until 8 p.m., when the heat advisory lifts.

Don't go thinking it'll be pleasant outside, though. The NWS places the odds of precipitation at 50 percent around 5 p.m., dropping off overnight before climbing back up to 45 percent by 6 p.m. tomorrow. It's still going to be humid, and it's still going to be hot.

Tuesday's heat index may reach 87 degrees during the afternoon, with a sustained chance of rain and thunder until...Thursday night. Thunderstorms may even be likely between 6 and 11 p.m. on Wednesday, while at the same time, the heat index is projected to hover in the 80s and low 90s. I'm also seeing medium-to-high cloud cover throughout this period: Pretty swampy, pretty gross, and pretty familiar, too. Why, just yesterday, we risked losing our sidewalks to the giant who got out her power-washer and went ham on Manhattan. Remember?? Here, let's refresh your memory:


from r/nyc

Check out that sideways rain, barreling between the skyscrapers like seawater through the side of a ship's breached hull.

Apparently the wind was gusting at 50 mph, strong enough to blow slate from roofs. Meanwhile, the downpour turned some streets into rivers and cars into boats.

And some people even saw some Big Hail, lucky them.

So there you have it: A cloudy week potentially broken up by occasional sunglimpses, but mostly threatening repeat rain day after day after day. On the bright side, it currently looks as though the weekend's weather will be cooler (highs in the 70s???) and mostly sunny, maybe nice enough to accommodate your beach dreams. Please just keep in mind, though, that if it rains for as many days as is currently projected, the ocean may still be a sewage bath when Saturday rolls around: The Health Department recommends you refrain from swimming for 2 to 24 hours when there's been 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rainfall within the past 24 hours, due to fecal overflow from the sewer system into our waterways. You can attempt to do the math on that one, or you can call 311 for real-time updates. Texting "BEACH" or "PLAYA" to 877-877 will also let you know how much poop you could potentially be swimming in on any given day.